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Nebulous Systems is a technological based business of the Universidad de Huelva that has developed the NEBSYST platform for Industrial IoT (IIoT) that offers a way of implementing services in the cloud easily to administrate the configuration and the access to every type of sensors, actuators and controllers. The access to every device or equipment managed by this type of system is secure, controlled, organized and collaborative (SCOC). A business or institution that buys NEBSYST obtains the capacity of proportioning access SCOC from the Internet to any of their physical systems (production lines, pilot plants, laboratory equipment, etc.) 

This business or institution can use a private server for this purpose or establish itself as a IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider. Moreover, the accessible systems can be in mobile networks.

Who makes up the team?

  • Gabriel Gómez Ruiz (colaborator)
  • María Reyes Sánchez Herrera (cofounder and partner)
  • Marco Antonio Márquez Sánchez (cofounder)
  • Luis de la Torre Cubillo (cofounder and partner)
  • Elena Márquez Vázquez (partner and administrator)


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