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AllRead Machine Learning Technologies S.L (AllRead) is a spin-off deep tech founded in march 2019, with the aim of automating the operative processes and improving the data management, including intelligence lecture systems in the supply chains worldwide. Our value proposition has the objective of improving the efficiency and management of our clients data through the automatic and precise extraction of alphanumeric text relevant in challenging operatives contexts, replacing repetitive manual tasks and obsolete technologies with the immediate processing of the information.

AllRead is made up by a solid team of founders that covers both the technologic inventors and business managers with contrasted experience. Their scientific team is headed by the CTO, cofounder and inventor of their technology, Dr. Marçal Rossinyol, who has a long research experience in the Computer Vision field and in Deep Learning, and about text recognition from  images. AllRead is authorized by its association with the Computer Vision Center (CVC) of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona foundation, its first institutional investor. Just as by others facilitators and prescribers that show interest in its activities of research and development.

Its main business is born from the development of its technological core, an artificial vision software based in Deep Learning, the result of more than 5 years of research in the CVC, that allows it to automate operative processes when detecting and digitizing text, codes and symbols in the supply chains. The technology identifies on photos and videos -taken by both fixed or mobile camera-  the valuable text for the client (code, serial number, expiration date…), even in difficult operative contexts  (complex atmospheric conditions, movement, blur, wear, rotation, stains, ...) with precision≈100% where others OCR technologies fails, transforming it in digital data for its posterior utilization. 

Who makes up the team?

  • Miguel Silva, CEO & Founder
  • Adriaan Landman, COO & Founder
  • Marçal Rossinyol, CTO & Founder
  • Urban Petterson, Global Sales Director
  • Jenniffer Rincón, Business Development Manager
  • Teresa Oter, Marketing Manager
  • Thiago Back, Project Manager
  • Joao Oliveira, Project Manager
  • Carla Higuero, HR Manager
  • Jesús Tejedor, Lead Software Engineer
  • Valeria Merino, Account Executive
  • Roger Casals, Deep Learning Engineer
  • Sergi Garcia, Deep Learning Engineer
  • Victor Asensio, Computer Vision Engineer
  • Antoni Rodríguez, Computer Vision Engineer
  • Konrad Iturbe, Backend SW developer
  • Alastair Hirst, Python Expert
  • Roger Griful, SDR
  • Brice Marion, Business Partner
  • Pamela Riera, Finance & Administration Analyst

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