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Meeting Juan Carlos Márquez, business model mentor


Juan Carlos Márquez is business management consultant and business model mentor at La Lonja de la Innovación. Today, he has talked with us so we can know better about his experience and trajectory.

Our mentor is an economist specialized in the generation of business models and their corporate structures. His professional career began in 1992, linked to financial and administrative management and, later on, to general management of companies. He says he is very proud of all the moments in which he has been able to improve himself personally, but, in particular, of “having adopted measures for recycling, updating and acquiring new skills” throughout his career.

Juan Carlos and entrepreneurship 

Juan Carlos defines his relationship with entrepreneurship as total. “It has always been very close”, as he has been surrounded by entrepreneurs throughout his career and he claims to have been fortunate to participate, directly or indirectly, in multiple entrepreneurial projects of all kinds.

Juan Carlos’ long experience and having participated in multiple business projects, has given him a broad perspective of the path of business and their reaction to the circumstances in which they must develop. That is why as a mentor of La Lonja, “the vision of organizations as a whole and the integration of all organizational aspects in all the plans of the organization from the very definition of the business model” are two of the biggest contributions he can give to startups.

La Lonja’s help

His experience over the years has made him see that one of the keys to promote innovation and entrepreneurship is to attract talent and retain it, this is what must be done from Huelva to keep the talent in the region. “This is essential to provide a favorable environment for personal and professional growth, as well as offering development and training opportunities for entrepreneurs and their employees”, he adds.

Another of the keys that, according to our mentor, is necessary to  promote entrepreneurship is to “create an entrepreneurial ecosystem to promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas between companies and entrepreneurs”. The creation of coworking spaces, incubators and business accelerators, such as La Lonja de la Innovación, are good initiatives to achieve this goal, as Juan Carlos explains. For this reason, our mentor does not hesitate to encourage all entrepreneurs to join La Lonja de la Innovación, since approaching  spaces like this allows them to “listen and add to their projects what they need to launch them and achieving the best possible results”

When asked about what are the most important values in an entrepreneur, he affirms that, in his opinion, being an entrepreneur “has become and earned the right to be considered as a value itself. Having an entrepreneurial character, facing life with an entrepreneurial attitude, and being willing to exercise entrepreneurship in all life’s challenges, is a personal quality worthy of being appreciated”. However, in spite of this, he highlights two qualities that “exponentially increases the entrepreneurs’ success”: knowing how to listen and surrounding yourself with professionals who know more than you.

Meeting Juan Carlos Márquez and his career has been a pleasure, if you want to know more about our team of mentors do not hesitate to visit our website.

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