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Interviewing Daniel Ramos, legal mentor at La Lonja de la Innovación


Today we have had the opportunity to interview our legal mentor, Daniel Ramos, who graduated in Law from the University of Seville and is specialized in Commercial Law.

Since 2008, Daniel has been a lawyer of the Illustrious Bar Association of Seville. In addition, he is a collaborator in Investor Day at Andalucía Open Future and in the BERKELEY ENTREPRENURIAL MANUAL, a mentor at Demium Málaga and regular speaker at conferences and seminars. He currently acts as Secretary and Vice Secretary in multiple startups of various sectors and he is an investor in several startups too. With this long professional career, Daniel Ramos helps each startup accelerated in La Lonja to achieve its objectives and grow.

Daniel’s help at La Lonja

If he has to highlight the milestone he is most proud of in his professional career would be “being able to identify and figure out the needs and desires of the entrepreneurs”. A skill that, without any doubt, is of great help for the startups that he mentors at La Lonja.

As a mentor, thanks to his experience, Daniel provides accelerated startups with advice in order to enhance their strengths and reinforce their weaknesses; guidance on professional development; greater visibility and recognition within the company and the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge. 

Entrepreneurship and Huelva

Daniel is a firm believer that Huelva is full of opportunities, for that reason he believes that it is necessary to “create spaces, multidisciplinary teams, encourage the creativity and project Huelva’s talent” from the province to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Throughout his experience, in which he is close to startups and entrepreneurs, since he is a mentor and an investor of them, he has concluded that the most important values in every entrepreneur are “conviction, leadership, confidence and being a dreamer and a realist”.

During the interview, we wanted to take the opportunity to ask him for a piece of advice he would give to entrepreneurs. He didn’t hesitate to respond our request and claimed that it’s essential “not to lose the passion, to stand out with differentiation, to leverage competitive advantages in order to scale, never fall in love with a project, minimize risks without falling into excesses, make mistakes with pride, to always maintain horizontal relationships and to enjoy doing what we like”.

Taliking with Daniel Ramos has been a pleasure. If you want to continue getting to know the rest of mentors of La Lonja de la Innovación, we recommend to take a look at the blog of our website, where you will find many more interviews.

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