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FIWARE certifications

At La Lonja de la Innovación we have a FIWARE Tech program with which we help you to implement or integrate your solution with this technology through training, support and individualized and specialized mentoring.This offers numerous advantages for your project, but, in addition, with the implementation of this technology to your product or solution, you will be able to access FIWARE certifications

FIWARE certification types

If your product or solution is FIWARE compliant, you can obtain a validation seal and be listed on the FIWARE Marketplace page. Depending on the type of product or solution and how the context information is managed, there are different types of validations that are differentiated in two main groups: Powered by FIWARE or FIWARE Ready

  • Solutions powered by FIWARE: this type of validation certifies an end-to-end solution of a product for multiple FIWARE technologies to collect context information and process it to perform intelligent actions
  • Platforms powered by FIWARE: FIWARE Platforms are offered as a service so that the customers can develop, deploy and run POWERED by FIWARE solutions without having to worry about the deployment and maintenance of the components.

At La Lonja de la Innovación, we help you to obtain these certifications through our FIWARE Tech Program.

What is FIWARE?

Let's review the FIWARE concept: FIWARE technology is based on a series of open source tools that use a standardized protocol, the NGSI protocol,which defines how to access the context information and how it is exchanged.

This allows the development of portable and interoperable solutions, capable of connecting to third-party data platforms and sharing information in a standardized way. FIWARE technology is based on several pillars:

  • Open Source: FIWARE encompasses a set of open source components that interacts between them and with other third-party components for the development of intelligent platforms and solutions in a fast and easy way.
  • Data usage: the use of standard APIs for the management and exchange of context data with the use of standard data models ensures data interoperability and reuse, avoiding in this way information silos.
  • Intelligent solutions and services: data context can be consumed by different sources, as well as third-party solutions, allowing to generate greater value by being used in multiple applications that integrate different data sources.

By implementing this technology in your solution you can obtain a certification and be listed on the FIWARE Marketplace webpage.

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